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Weaver Girl & Cow Boy

A Retelling the Fairy Tale "Weaver Girl and Cow Boy"
Copyright by Vincent Way, all rights reserved.
Listening time: approx. 22 minutes

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Recorded and posted August 2, 2014, on the occasion of Seven-Seven.

This is a retelling of a very old fairy tale which serves as the foundational story behind what is called today Chinese Valentine's Day, or alternatively Seven-Seven, Qixi, or the Magpie Festival, or the Festival of Vega and Altair. It is also the inspiration for the Japanese festival of Tanabata and the Korean festival of Chilseok. Since its influence crosses national and ethnic boundaries, it's probably extremely old.

Many years ago I wrote an extended trickster tale (40,000 words) for my children. It was my way of linking together many bedtime stories from around the world into one long unifying narrative that would take a couple of weeks for me to tell them over time. I included a retelling of this very old tale within that novella (which I call "The Tell-Tale Dragon").

The context of this telling is such that: My hero becomes injured rescuing a runaway girl, and in the scene where she is bandaging him back together, she (named "Lady Red") tells him this story.

The retelling is not entirely complete in itself, but it is satisfying enough on its own. Go to the library or bookstore and pull nearly any collection of east Asian fairy and folk tales and you'll find a version--or Google it and you'll find something I'm sure.

This was mounted here as a 2014 Seven-Seven present to the followers of Vincent Way's blog "Messages from Pops Way."

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