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The Telltale Dragon

"The Telltale Dragon: A Multicultural Trickster Tale"
Copyright 2001 by Vincent Way, all rights reserved.
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This is a story I wrote in the early to mid 1990s. I had become quite inspired by various trickster tales from around the world and I decided to combine several elements of them into a nice long story I could tell my own children who were small at the time, using a protagonist who looked like someone from our family, a 17-year-old boy named Ch'u.

Rather than have it languish in draft form on a shelf in my office (I've never found a publisher who is interested in it), I've decided to record it, one section at a time and share it with any of you here who care to give it a listen.

I think it's a lot of fun, but I'm biased in favor of my own children.

It's a coming-of-age tale of a very naive but resourceful boy in fairy-tale China-America-Land--that mythical mash-up place of both American and Chinese and European archetypal lore. So if you're ready to enter a place of delightful anachronism, pull up a chair and listen.

It's going to go up a little at a time because I have another life. But keep checking back. It's now on my to-do list.

Part 1: The Beginning: in which we meet Ch'u, the smart but lazy 17-year-old son of a woodcutter. He thinks it would be a good idea to learn to read and write but he's not exactly sure why. We also meet his dad, their landlord Ch'ang, and a really weird butcher named Chuang. 19:11 minutes

Part 2: Ch'u Meets Sir John on the Road to the Capital: Our boy Ch'u sets off into the world with the mission to raise enough ransom for his father. As he travels, he encounters an African nobleman who is in a predicament himself and makes Ch'u a mutual assistance pact which promises to be quite lucrative. 9:40 minutes

Part 3: Ch'u arrives in the Capital City to claim his reward. While he is there he learns of a contest for the hand of the Princess of the Realm.11:55 minutes

Part 4: Every boy who sets out on a quest has to run into supernatural being along the way. Ch'u is no different. He shares his lunch with a water sprite. 8:30 minutes

Part 5: Boy Meets Glass Mountain. Who needs magic when you're a natural engineer? However, initial success does not come without complications as Ch'u confronts the first suitor, Coyotl. 17:26 minutes

Part 6: Ch'u meets master trader and thief Djuba, who introduces our hero to the a possibility of going onto an all fast-food diet (at least in fairy tale terms ...). Both take their turns feeling like a horse's ass however. 20 minutes

Part 7A: Ch'u meets Italian strongman Giacomo. The have a rough introduction, but eventually find common cause. 8:53 minutes

Part 7B: Thieves kidnap thieves! What is the world coming to? Ch'u discovers it pays off to be a man who knows how to cook. 9:55 minutes

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