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Ella's Bedtime Storybook

Ella's Bedtime Storybook read by Pops Way

I have a goddaughter Ella with whom I have a nonexistent relationship. I take that back. I've been praying regularly for her relationship with God since her parents asked me to stand with them many years ago.

I asked her father how she was doing. As of this writing she's about to go to high school if she hasn't entered already. He suggested that a gift I could give was to record any story that I like (her dad thinks I have a great speaking voice).  

So starting today (July 3, 2016), I will just start compiling readings of favorite bedtime stories that I would have read to a goddaughter or any other child who I thought needed to hear quality stories.

So to goddaughter Ella, and to my other goddaughter Daryl, and to anyone who likes a good story, no profanity, a clever plot, an uplifting or empowering message, hopefully some humor, and a reasonably happy ending, I dedicate and read these to you.

(Ella, do not wander over to the story Three Loves Seven. It's just chocked full of profanity ...)

Story #1: Prince Amilec by Tanith Lee

This story comes from a collection Don't Bet on the Prince, edited by Jack Zipes (Methuen Press, 1986). I will probably be sharing a few more from this collection, it's terrific. Get it if you can still find it in print. Tanith Lee died only last year, in 2015 at 67, way too young. This is a marvelous revisionist fairy tale where the girl who does all the hard work gets what she wants. (20:41 minutes)

Story #2: Finding a Wife for the River God, a traditional folktale

In the Chinese folktale tradition, there is a tradition of telling stories that are all about wise judges and magistrates who do good things. This idea will be quite foreign to Americans as we tend to think of civil servants in the worst possible way, let alone as heroes. This offering is one of my favorites of this genre. This comes from the anthology Traditional Chinese Folktales compiled by Yin-lien Lin, Yetta Center, and Mildred Rose (M E. Sharp, 1989). 

Part 1 (10:40)

Part 2 (7:19)

Note: Admittedly Prefect Bau makes sexist comments in Part 2, but remember, this is China in the 5th century BC.

Story #3: The Fairy Godmother by Lester Del Rey (Part 1)

I found a story collection I used to read to my kids and I loved reading this particular one to them. One of my sons is seeing a woman named Samantha. I work with two Samanthas in my department the university. All those Sams reminded of this story that I now share about a Princess Samantha. I hope you like it too. If you tune this in for a small child, be warned the there is at least one "Damn!" I remember.

Part 1 (12 minutes)

Part 2 (15:20 minutes)

Part 3 (17:35 minutes)

Part 4 (15:27 minutes)

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