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3 Loves 7 - The ending

3 Loves 7
Copyright 2012 by Vincent Way, all rights reserved.

Ending Chapters and Epilogues

This is a novel written by Vincent Way, first completed in 2012. "3 Loves 7" is the working title for this work. It was originally conceived as a novella which exists here on this website in spoken word form under the title "Cinderella and Great Prince of Southern China." Basically it was an attempt by the author, a Chinese American writer who is a great fan of Shakespeare's romantic comedies, to write something in the spirit of "Twelfth Night," but if it were ever converted into a play or movie, would be played entirely by Asian American actors having a great ol' time in a period comedy that was not condescending to them or to an Asian American audience. It has a very light, fluffy plot--go over to that page and you can read the blurbs and get the idea.

Thinking that he might actually publish such a work, Way then created a wraparound story within which "Cinderella" would reside. This wraparound story focuses on a confirmed bachelor and middle-aged Chinese American geologist and petroleum engineer Clete Wong who goes off on an eco-tourism vacation as a remedy to his mid-life crisis, working as a volunteer scientist surveying a Pacific Island which is feared to be lost to inundation due to global warming in the very near future. 

The story then revolves around his interaction with the few inhabitants of this island who, like him, are Chinese diaspora people. In their interactions he discovers how much he differs from them, how much he is just like them, and how much he has yet to grow as a person even at the age of 54. This story is neither profound nor deep. It should be basically funny and read as a satire, and the supernatural workings of things that seem like magic or interventions by God or gods will be seen.

The story was presented in installments on the writer's blog "Messages from Pops Way" in 2014-2015. Way decided not to put a textual version of the ending of the book on the web (hoping people would actually buy it when it is eventually published). But what he will do instead is mount the ending in audio format for those stalwart few who are partaking of this in its beta form. They will have to invest the time in listening to his less than artful narration of the work. But so it is.

WARNING: This page is not being actively marketed--it's essentially private. If the counter goes any higher than 100, nobody will be more surprised than us. These chapters will make no sense to anyone unless they have read the 50+ chapters that have preceded. If you want to get the whole story for free, you will have to go to the blog and read forward. It's troublesome, yes. Or just wait until Way publishes it on Kindle for $5. We will let you know when that happens.

And now, starting at the end of November 2015, we will start mounting episodes leading to the end of the novel "3 Loves 7." We of the Windy Crag Taverne hope that you enjoy it.

- The Cosmic Barmaid

Chapter 49, Part 1 - Upward Mobility
Move the scene 5 years into the future after Three and Qi sailed off to live happily ever after in the Jewel River Valley. After enjoying a few carefree years as the Qing Dynasty version of "DINKs" (double income, no kids), working hard, playing hard, eating and drinking high taking winery and farming tours, Three finally lands his entry-level magistrate job and Qi finally shows a baby bump and none too soon, as you will see ... 25:54 minutes (posted 11/29/2015)

Part 2: A brief interlude for Three on his way to the County Seat. Business associates send their version of "sympathy cards." 5:29 minutes

Part 3: Duke Wang receives some surprise visitors from the Capital. 10:40 minutes

Part 4: Three's chief minister of hereditary resources makes a unique policy recommendation. Or, if you kiss a Toad, will it turn into a princess? 15 minutes

Part 5: A ship is about to sail for an uncharted island. Three has a present for Toad before they part. 8 minutes

Part 6: Seven and Three's last promises to one another.  10 minutes

Part 7: Back to 2013. The 2nd Princesses continue to recall and record the events of August 2012. After presenting the narrative history of the founders, Qin Qin makes her case for the Prince's Prophecy having been fulfilled. 10:20 minutes

Part 8: The Recollection Continues. Mu presides over the proceeding. Qin Qin's assertion fails. All other Second Princesses offer their evidence. 14:23 minutes

Part 9: The Recollection Continues. Nu calls for her mother's recusal. The issue of Clete's ineligibility to wed Lee is sustained. A call from Clete's tax man provides unlikely inspiration however. 17:35 minutes

Part 10: The Recollection Continues. Reporter switches from Ling to Wen. It's time for the Princesses of Dog Island to vote their approval of Lee's petition to marry. 18 minutes

Part 11: The Recollection Continues: Lee's petition gathers votes, but the Second Princesses tactically keep adding amendments as they vote to avoid interference from their mothers. The approval vote hits a procedural snag. 14 minutes

Part 12: Recollection Continues: The Sea Witch and Daughter Natsuke make themselves known, in more ways than expected. 19 minutes

Part 13: Recollection Continues: Professor Wong becomes highly disillusioned, frustrated, and distraught by the evening's latest revelations. Will things ever settle down? Lee attempts to comfort him. 16 minutes

Part 14: Recollection Continues: The Sea Witch and Clete Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk, or at least Clete tries ... 19 minutes

Part 15: Recollection Continues: OK ... that went badly. Second try. The Sea Witch suggests that Clete undergo a supernatural ritual that will make everything clear for everybody. 

Part 16: Recollection Continues: Nu takes over the reporting. What she saw in the ritual bowl: A college tour gone awry.

Part 17: Recollection Continues: What really happened when Clete encountered the Mysterious Raftsman? Everybody remembers together.

Part 18: Recollection Continues: Natsuke takes over the narrative of what happened during the storm. The stress of the situation reveals what Clete is made of ... so to speak.

Part 19: Recollection continues: Natsuke continues her narrative, everybody goes up the mountain. Ropes are tied and a few figurative loose ends are tied up as well. Does anybody remember the pocket knife? (15 minutes)

Part 20: Recollection continues ("A Mountaintop Experience"): Netsuke's remembrance continues. Will Mariko/Moriko and Clete finally bury the hatchet? Well, they find out a little more about each other. That's a start.

Part 21: Recollection concludes (Clete Indulges a Hankering for Cherries): Clete fishes about for famous last words as the catastrophic surge approaches. Will he meet his end holding a chicken in his arms? What do you think?  After that, we sort of end with Epilogue 1. What's that? Will there be an Epilogue 2 then? What the hell do you think?

Part 22: Epilogue 2 - Did you really expect death to be the end in a romantic-comic fantasy story? If so, you really need to find another literary genre to consume. Besides, they're Asians in this story. They're kinda stuck in samsara even though Clete is Presbyterian. But pay all those sticky details no mind. Clete has himself an extended "Job-and-Whirlwind" kind of conversation with Some Thing out there. What can come of it? Redemption? Destruction? Repeat?


Part 23:Epilogue 2 continues - Clete continues his "Whirlwind Conversation." The Deity extracts you from the mortal coil, telling you that They have other plans for you to take care of. Your longtime bosom-buddy, yin-to-your-yang partner, remains extremely needy and clingy. You're probably an enabler big-time. It's time to cut the strings and The Deity hands you the scissors. What's the only logical choice?

Part 24: Epilogue 3 begins - What happened in the hours after the storm passed over The Island? If you're expecting more kookiness, you're not far from the fictional truth. As you would expect in this novel, it's told to you indirectly from a framing story. (first of three parts). 14:39

Part 25: Epilogue 3 continues - Clete finally learns what all those bundles of kindling kept near the Black Beach are for. It's something of a surprise, but pleasant after its own fashion. 16:40

Part 26: Epilogue 3 concludes - Clete wakes up the next morning to experience firsthand the Princesses' skill at handling livestock. As day breaks, the full effect of the storm and surge on Dog Island become clear.

Part 27: Epilogue 4 - A glimpse into life just a couple years later

Part 28: Epilogue 5 - And, a final look back into the Qing Dynasty period of our story. You always wondered what happened to Eleven didn't you?

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