Windy Crag Taverne
A project site for Vincent Gerard Way
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Welcome to the Windy Crag Taverne!
If you're looking for a place where you can hear a good story, you've come to the right place.

Here at the Windy Crag, located at entrance to Perdition Pass, travelers to and from stop by for refreshment, sustenance, or provision. It is a lonely road, but at times busy. But we are always here to listen to or repeat a tale of struggle, love, victory, defeat, or comeuppance--all shared over food and drink, or between chairs and hammocks.

Find yourself a table and sit for a bit. Come back and be a stranger no more. I'll be by for your order in a jiff. 

-The Cosmic Barmaid

Table 1: Cinderella and the Great Prince of Southern China (excerpted from "3 Loves 7")
Table 2: Weaver Girl and Cow Boy - A retelling (excerpted from "The Telltale Dragon")
Table 3: The Telltale Dragon (in progress)
Table 4: The Children's Table - Ella's Bedtime Storybook 

Private Party (guests of "Messages from Pops Way"):

                Three Loves Seven - Ending Chapters

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